Hand-wired faithful replica of the classic JCM800. 3x 12AX7 preamp and 2x EL34 power tubes. 50 watts. Effects loop.

What sets this amp apart from other 800 clones available is it fits in our standard 20 watt amp cabinet. So you have your choice from a variety of cabinet coverings or the oversized cabinet And the size matches our speaker cabinets.

Available mods:

Front panel switch:

Gain boost - this is a two-position switch adding just a bit more gain

Rear panel footswitch and rotary control:

  • Lead boost - uses the footswitch jack and rear-mounted rotary control to set the level of boost. You can also add a footswitch for another $29.


  • Depth mod - added to the negative feedback circuit, this is a rear-mounted rotary control which adds bottom end. No footswitch option with the depth control.

Any additional mods, done by anyone other than Jet City Custom, will VOID the warranty.

Warranty is 2 years, parts and labor and does NOT include tubes.

Hand-wiring in Asia. Final assembly in USA with US-made cabinetry.

Current Stock:
Lead time for builds is about two weeks. Pre-orders ship September 6.
35.00 LBS
26.00 (in)
12.00 (in)
12.00 (in)
2 years parts and labor, excluding tubes.
Shipping Cost:
$39.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Cabinet Size *
Front Panel Gain Switch *
Rear Panel Mods *
Add a footswitch $29

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Is as advertised

David Pinckney on 27th Sep 2022

This is my second Jet City amp, clearly I wouldn't have bought a second if I didn't love the first. While I understand that they can't advertise this as pretty much the same things as another popular amp with 800 in the name, it would get you in the blind sound test. It came out exactly as I was hoping it would, looks like I wanted, sounds like I wanted and is a much better value than its brother from another mother... More people need to get on the Jet City train, I even named a foster cat Jet after the amps!