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Hand-wired 50 Watt Amps

Our 50 watt amp is a hand-wired 800 clone in our chassis format. Choose Standard for a selection of in-stock amps with limited options, or any of the Custom versions for the full list of options and a longer lead-time. 

The hand-wired JCA800 is a faithful tribute to the legendary JCM800 2204 with one big difference - we made it smaller. JCA800 is a 50 watt, 2xEL34 amp in the same chassis footprint as all of our 20 watt amps. This enables us to offer all the same cabinet colors and size options.

  • Jet City

    800 Hand-wired Custom 50

    Now available - upgrade from the standard insert loop to our new zero-loss buffered loop. Hand-wired faithful replica of the classic JCM800. 3x 12AX7 preamp and 2x EL34 power tubes. 50 watts. Effects loop. What sets this amp apart from other 800 clones...

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